Homemade full auto glock

Listen, I want the NFA repealed, the ban on new machine guns abolished and complete firearms freedom as much, if not more, than any other flag-waving American.

However, the current law of the land is, well, the law of the land. But bullet-hose temptation is like a moth to a flame — there will be those who decide to take the leap of faith. These items are not ready to be installed! There is machining required to each part! JnC Manufacturing sells these kits as collectors Items or Novelty items.

By placing an order you agree to the terms and conditions. Please allow 5 days for delivery. If you do not receive your order in 5 business days please call our office. Do not need to modify firearm. Once unit is complete. It is not illegal for individuals to own these parts in current form. Requires basic tooling to finish. Just replacing the backplate. This is a much more cost efficient way to own a full auto glock. Kit comes with instructions and the form needed to file.

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WARNING: 80% Full Auto Glock Kits For Sale

Privacy Policy.Forum Home. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Full auto Glocks in under 60 seconds? Thread starter olchevy Start date Nov 10, I have never seen this before. I was on the ATF website trying to see what constitues a "Permantley" attached flash hider, and came across this.

They say with just this one part you can turn any Glock into a full auto round per minute pistol and it only takes a few seconds to install This is crazy! Click the link and then Just scroll to the very bootom of the page They even say they relize they can be purchased through online sources, I could see a lot of people getting in trouble with this.

Glock conversion devices are considered post-May 19, machineguns and may only be lawfully possessed by properly licensed Federal Firearms Licensees who have paid the appropriate Special Occupational Tax SOT required of those manufacturing, importing, or dealing in National Firearms Act NFA firearms.

Conversion is fast and simple requiring no technical expertise. Conversion requires removal of the original polymer slide cover plate and replacing it with the conversion device, typically made of metal. By switching these plates, which takes less than 60 seconds, the conversion is complete. Conversion of a Glock pistol will result in a rate of fire of approximately rounds per minute. We are aware of other variations of this conversion device. We are also aware that these devices are available from certain internet sources.

All The Crazy, Legal Ways To Have 'Full-Auto' Fun On The Gun Range

Oh and by looking at the design in the pictures, I would think it would be easily adapted to almost any striker fired pistols I thought Glocks had to be completley redone inside, something that quick is a little un-nerving to say the leastHome Forums Classifieds About. I have used Glocks and they are quite safe, as the only way they can go off is if someones finger is on the trigger. There is a simple conversion kit not sold in the US that allows a quick conversion to full auto.

It supposedly has a selector switch on the back of the slide to change from full auto to semi. I have seen the propaganda by the manufacturer, but never seen one in person. The only Glock I have ever seen that would fire full auto was an officer's where he tried to "smooth up the trigger". All he did was really screw up the gun. About every third or fourth trigger pull, it would fire two or three round bursts. This particular officer realized he screwed up his gun and so sold it to another unsuspecting officer and them left our agency for other employment.

The Glock distrubutor replaced the gun under warranty even though it was purposely screwed with by an idiot. Supposedly, there is a 'conversion' back-plate available on the internet with a switch that forces the striker into a far forward position when the switch is moved to the full-auto position.

Any Glock pistol would then become an open-bolt submachine gun, if so equipped and the gun will fire until the magazine is emptied. I was told all this at a recent IDPA match on the local level in the midwest. One shooter attending said he had seen the website, but he could not recall the specific site address. According to the info they found on the website all you have to do is replace the back plate with this new piece and you can turn any Glock into a full-auto weapon.

I'll leave it up to others to determine if this is an urban legend or an actual fact.

80% Drop In AUTO Glock Selector Switch

All The Best, Frank W. Howdy, V-Man and Frank. Thanks for the explanation, guys. Hadn't thought of screwing around with the slide and striker. And wouldn't this be rather At least from any practical standpoint? When Dean first started this post, I admit, it left me kind of scratching my head. I checked out the link and thought maybe it was the media just doing it's thing. But I still didn't open my mouth but thought about it some more. I do own a Glock 23 but would not want to fire it on full auto for any reason.

I say this because I have fired full auto rifles. Controling a handgun at full auto would take some kind of experience and a lot of practice, even a rifle takes some doing.Glock is a registered trademark of Glock Ges.

NO special steel or exotic composite materials are required In the production of this device. A finish of microinches rms is standard. The Individual parts do not need to be Rockwell "C" scale heat treated. Break all sharp edges to R. All fillets to R. Painting of the end cap and selector switch may be desired to give the device an Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM look. It is not recommended to paint the sear.

These three parts wi ll replace the existing black plastic end cap located on the rear of your Glock slide. The following pictures show the assembled device and the two positions for the selector rod.

Fully Automatic Glock Fun!

A quick trigger puU will release a short burst and a trigger pull and hold will empty all the rounds in your Glock magazine. While you may prefer to, it is not necessary to remove the slide to install your full-auto modification device. A small screwdriver or pointed key is all that is needed to remove the black plastic end cap on the rear of your Glock slide. Use the small screwdriver to lever the plastic firing pin jacket away from the metal firing pin notch.

homemade full auto glock

While your are holding back the firing pin jacket, remove the black plastic end cap by lifting it out or prying it out. Note the small spring loaded extractor plunger that Is now exposed. Now use the small screwdriver to again lever the plastic firing pin jacket away from the metal Mng pin notch.

Slip the assembled device Into the empty end cap slots. Now use the screwdriver to push back the small spring loaded extractor plunger to allow the fully assembled device to fully seat Into the end cap slots.

Refer to the previous photos for setting the selector switch to semi or full-auto fire.Where I come from, people joke about watering flowerbeds with motor oil. Not much selection of pistols. True pistols, not rifles bastardized down to be one. A year later I got something working. Few people realize that some builds that take a page of write-up actually may span a year or more. This true with many builds.

This is when I fell in love with Glock. I appreciate simplicity. There is the beauty of symphony of parts that harmoniously come together for one, single purpose. None of that tacticool kakashki, with extra rails and extra screws. No rails! But Glocks work and they are very simple. With steel, what angle grinder taketh, MIG welder giveth back. My original thoughts on building a pistol to use Glock parts was part polymer, part steel.

Mold injection and 3d printing is soooo not SHTF. This gives a perfect opportunity to slack off on the frame integrity and just weave it out of paperclips next build idea?

I did experiment with a good number of molds and designs. One line of thinking was to make it like an investment casting, with cheap wax mold that could be used to make either epoxy based or aluminum like in a lawn chair cast.

I struggled with was dimensional consistency and fragility of molds. The limited steel skeleton grew bigger, encompassing more tasks, and eventually became the top contender. Sheet metal stampings are frequently associated with cheap, fast production; however, when formed it creates uniformly thin, yet durable frame walls.

Additional machining, forming and fitting can make stampings precise enough. This frame, although may not be perfectly suited as a factory production model is a great alternative for home built guns. Combination of stamping and machining can give very good results. Here, position of the locking block must be perfectly flush with top rails, otherwise the timing of unlocking the barrel will be off.

It was written that Gaston fired his prototypes left-handed in case of gun blows up. The greatest knowledge comes when you screw up.

It starts with frustration and throwing objects in immediate vicinity against the wall.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Fabrication Services Machining.

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Fabrication Services. BusinessType China full auto glock.

Contact Supplier. The waterproof, damp proof and shockproof functions offer a better protection to your valuable devices.

As a manufacturer of hard plastic cases,we are dedicated to provide quality products and services to add value to our customers. And aim to pretecting your value and passion with life time warranty. Gpusi Extremely Super bright glock full auto conversion kit d2c d2s d2r 35w hid kit auto bi xenon light lamp. Experienced full auto glock inspection quality. China manufacturer Tsunamicase heavy duty microphone case, hard case for full auto glock Higher intensity, lighter weight, more durable and beautiful appearance.

homemade full auto glock

OEM production,colour customed, customed foam inserts are available as required. If you have any questions, pls be kindly to send us an email for the information.

Thank you. High performance full auto glock third party qc for shoes. Waterproof IP67 Hard Plastic shooting gun hunting rifle carrying case for full auto glock. It's durable, shatterproof and dustproof, waterproof and anti- corrosive, impact resistant etc. About product and suppliers: 73 full auto glock products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.

A wide variety of full auto glock options are available to you, There are 73 suppliers who sells full auto glock on Alibaba. Related Search: glock 9mm gun custom glock pistol case fiber glass glock the new glock china glock full auto china glock 43 china glock us china the glock china china glock supplier china glock supplier glock price glock engraving cases glock glock shoot glock full auto full auto glocks prices glock china replica glock supplier china full auto glock alibaba co ltd china shipping tracking usps.Each of us stepped up, grunted under the bulk of the machine gun, felt the upward jerk of the muzzle as it burped hot anger toward the surf, and said to ourselves: My God, this rocks.

Then the SEAL made us clean up all the spent ammo links that our shooting had spat into the sand. We did not complain. We were still walking on a cloud. Over the years, smart guys with milling machines and YouTube accounts have figured out a host of mods to make their rifles fire rapidly and bafflingly, legallylike full auto, without bringing a platoon of ATF agents to their doors.

One thing I love about gun people is they call things what they are. Bump fire is basically what it sounds like: You take a semi-auto weapon, set your finger against the trigger without wrapping your trigger hand on the pistol gripand push the whole weapon forward with your other hand until it fires. Does it work? You tell me:. If not, run away quickly.

Another bump-fire stock solution, albeit a pricier onethe SlideFire was developed by Air Force vet Jeremiah Cottle. You hold your finger on the trigger rest and push forward to fire the gun. It is not automatic. Nothing is automatic. You actively fire every round, and if you stop pushing forward or you take your finger off the trigger the gun stops firing.

It just helps you fire the gun in semi-automatic very fast. The SlideFire is also the modification that got a lot of firearms skeptics wondering : How is this legal? The basic concept is a trigger assembly that fires two shots: One when you pull the trigger, and one when you release it. Two-shot bursts are pretty exciting. Joining two-shot bursts together to empty your mag in seconds is like having fantastic sex in a pool filled with Fireball.

How is it legal? This is the point where I, a dad, remind you that only experienced, disciplined shooters should play with a weapon that fires a bonus round on a trigger release. Not enough of a Dremel-tool genius to drop the trigger package in yourself? They sell complete lower receivers, too. Pull-and-release systems can have some disadvantages. They have a letter!

homemade full auto glock

When life gives you six AKs and a massive metal gear crank, make beautiful, rapid-fire lemonade:. No one would really shoot a thing like that. Just be safe and responsible with your fun, and remember: Ammo gets expensive really fast. Air Force. Marine Corps. Coast Guard.

homemade full auto glock

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